CONTEST: Wen there’s a will, there’s a Wei…and free tickets, too

Wen Wei?

Way! ….when?

If you asked the question above, you’re either a mildly delusional website editor or a fan of the unparalleled Wen Wei Beijing Modern Dance Company. Assuming the latter, you could win free tickets to the company’s performance Feb. 25 at the Timms Centre.

Wen Wei blends multiple styles including traditional Chinese and modern with ballet choreography and has received awards and kudos around the globe.

Here’s how you win, with our latest Wiki puzzle. Send your answer to

Starting at this Wikipedia page on Beijing, follow your sleuthing nose to each answer and page link in turn, until you identify our final answer. Contest closes Feb. 20.

1. Hops to it

2. Rhymin’, begorrah

3. Fantastico Galacticos

4. Gold Spice

5. No Longer Talks Through Bum


Remember, all answers should be sent to We’ll pick someone at random from among the correct answers.