Snooki hits Edmonton tomorrow!

We wanted to bring you some high culture for the big launch of – so we know you won’t be disappointed that Snooki is coming to Edmonton to help us celebrate the Jersey Shore Family Day Long Weekend!

That’s right: The most talked-about star or Jersey Shore will be appearing at the Union Hall tomorrow, Sunday, Feb 20, hosting an event called the “Long Weekend Glow Party.” We’re not sure exactly what she’ll be doing. Singing? Dancing? Doing stand-up? DJ-ing? Doing whatever it is that made her so famous to begin with? Nothing, you say? Well, you’re a bully, that’s what you are, a big, fat bully: Yes, let’s laugh at this ignorant young reality show star with the ridiculous accent who makes a fool of herself on national TV, ha, ha, ha. She’s so dumb! Does it make you feel good? It’s like taking a collection to pay the stupid kid in your class to eat worms. Does it make you feel superior? That’s what this reality show business is all about, isn’t it? Come on, admit it.

Just so we’re clear.

Tickets to see Snooki at the Long Weekend Glow Party are $20, or $40 if you’re a VIP. Contact the Union Hall for details and for chance to win entry into an exclusive Snooki meet ‘n’ greet.