Hot Picks, March 8: International Women’s Day

One look at Margaret Trudeau and a lot of people exclaim, “Man, she must’ve been young when she married Pierre.”

She sure was. She was 22. He was 52. It was 1971. Canada’s hippie culture was in full swing. The 15th Prime Minister of Canada called Margaret his “flower child.” They were in love. And after a suitable period of mild shock, Canada, too, clutched this beautiful, interesting couple to its doughy bosom. They represented the closest Canada ever got to the Kennedys – and Margaret got even closer, having had an affair with Ted Kennedy, as recounted in her first book, Beyond Reason.

She’s just released her third book, Changing My Mind, a memoir detailing her struggles with bipolar disorder (Maclean’s has a nice piece here).

Quite a life here. Lucky fans will get to hear all about it and more when the former First Lady of Canada speaks at Festival Place in Sherwood Park today for a SOLD OUT show. The event is part of celebrations for International Women’s Day.

Does that mean the other 364 days of the year are International Men’s Days? Of course not. Every day ought to be International Women’s Day, and while we’re at it, let’s make every day International Men’s Day, too, but then there’d be no point in even naming it and setting it apart, so never mind.