STEVE-O: The crazy kid who will do anything

You know that kid in your class who will do anything, take any dare, jump from any height, eat any bug?

Steve-O is that guy. He has:

–     Snorted his own snot

–     Stapled his scrotum to both of his thighs

–     Snorted a live worm and pulled it out his mouth

–     Allowed his body to be used as a dartboard

–     Had his butt cheeks pierced shut

Shall we go on?

–     Jammed a large fishing hook through his cheek and lowered himself into the water as shark bait

–     Drank glass of water containing a live goldfish, then vomited it up still alive

The idea of doing “stand-up comedy” pales next to a resume like that – every disgusting bit of it done for your entertainment – but comedy is what we’ll expect when this colourful and controversial Jackass star performs at the Comic Strip through Saturday. What will he be doing? Jokes? Talking about how he’s been clean and sober? All of the above and then some? His tour is called the “Entirely Too Much Information” tour, so fans can draw their own conclusions. You’re the ones who made him a star, remember.

Tickets are going fast. Click here for details.