RADIO DAZE, missing letters division: _ _ CK K-97, SOS and AGA

There’s yet another minor civic controversy brewing over yet another ‘controversial’ K-97 billboard … and, um, yawn … sorry, dozed off there for a second.

ANYWAY, the billboards sport a large slogan that reads, “_ _ CK YOU!” City Councillor Kerry Diotte received a complaint about it, and because he works for YOU, the voter, he has to take it seriously. He Facebooked for feedback (smart thing for canny modern politicians to do): “Just had a complaint from a woman who feels K-97 morning show billboards are terribly offensive. I’m not sure what morning show scamps Terry, Bill and Steve are trying to accomplish with the ads, actually. Your thoughts? Should the ads be banned? Leave ’em? Do you care?”

Our official answer: “_ _ CK NO!”

Of course it’s the OBSERVER who fills in the missing letters, so it’s the observer who’s entirely responsible for creating the imagined obscenity. Obviously the missing letters are R and O as in “ROCK YOU!” which makes perfect sense from a rock station. Case closed. Controversy achieved. Mission accomplished.


Attention all musicians: You want to play SOS Fest 2011? It stands for the “Sounds of Old Strathcona,” which isn’t entirely accurate because anyone in the Edmonton area can enter, though it is taking place in 23 different venues around Old Strathcona July 7-10. Simply go to the website here and follow the yellow brick road. Give them your photos, your videos, your MP3s, blurbs, whatever, anything you have. It’s a one-stop press kit-making machine right there.

Last summer, more than 150 bands in every conceivable musical genre performed at what turned into a giant summer street party. Did you even know we had a summer? Did you even know there were 150 bands in Edmonton? There’s a lot more, actually – and there’s always room for more.


Once a month, the Art Gallery of Alberta throws open its doors and does something they’d never normally do – let the kids play around inside. This Sunday starting at noon, AGA’s Shapeshifters Family Fun Tours will explore the current exhibits – including cool huge dinosaur bone-type things made by sculptor Brian Jungen – and then take part in workshops to create their own 3-D Installation. Explore the Haida Art display and make collage masks. There are also dance workshops and a performance by Rhythm Speaks, with storytelling from Swansong Storytelling. Regular admission rates apply.