SHOWBIZ: Chris Brown goes bonkers

Watching the clip of Chris Brown’s awkward interview on Good Morning America today (here), it’s obvious why interviewer Robin Roberts kept pressing him on the Rihanna thing.

The prospect of talking about his new album F.A.M.E. was just so unbelievably, excruciatingly, mind-numbingly boring that she just snapped. She lost it. She started with a Rihanna question – about how the restraining order has been relaxed so Brown and his ex can now actually be in the same building together – but Brown just wanted to tell people to buy a copy of F.A.M.E., which stands for “Forgiving All My Enemies.” It also stands for “Fans Are My Everything … and that means being able to go through everything I went through and show the fans I love them. That’s what it is. Fans are my everything” and blah, blah, blah. Blah 3X.

We’re falling asleep in our oatmeal here, America! Give us something interesting! Roberts changed the subject back Rihanna and Brown got a bit huffy: “Definitely the ALBUM is what I want to be talking about, not stuff that happened two years ago.”

Then, of course, he loses it backstage, ripping off his shirt, shouting, cursing, allegedly throwing a chair through a window and spewing broken glass onto the street below – exactly the sort of behaviour that got him into this pickle to begin with. Poor guy. Perhaps Good Morning America should have a “Venting Room” that angry interview subjects can trash at their leisure.

Brown can’t be stupid enough to think that EVERY interviewer he faces will avoid that giant elephant in the room, can he? Moreover, Brown apparently knew he was going to be asked about Rihanna. Roberts even thanked Chris on the air for “being willing to go back there.” Obviously he wasn’t.

Well, two steps forward, one step back. Are anger management classes like AA meetings? Hi, my name is Chris Brown and I have a short fuse.