Hot Picks, March 26: Closing Soon

Far be it from we few, we proud few, we Gig City few, we…….er, we went off on an odd 1940s British war movie tangent there for a minute……

Sorry. It’s just so damn classy ’round here! You see, we were pondering what to do with our Saturday, aside from the usual comfy couch positions, chips ‘n dip, dumb sports and drinking at some club.

Conclusion? Some conclusions.

First off, it’s the last day for two photographers’ shows at Harcourt House. Lindsey Bond’s Negotiating Spaces: Visual Recollections of Train Travel in Canada, is in the front room gallery ; on the third floor Marie-Eve Martel’s Agriculture Eclipse features her stark imagery.

Second, this weekend is your last chance to catch the much-lauded Catalyst Theatre version of Hunchback. Here’s Damon Sparks’ recent review of the visual spectacular. There are two shows today and one tomorrow, and tickets are going fast.

And if Quasimodo wasn’t freaky enough for you, close out your Saturday at the Starlite Room 10030 102 Street, with Demonika’s Symphony of Horrors 6: Infernal Emergency