K.d. lang coming to the folk fest


Jumps around like an orangutan, lady k.d. lang – we can never get that blasted Stompin’ Tom song out of our heads, even though it’s been decades since k.d. lang has jumped around like an orangutan.

Her astounding voice is the only stunt she needs now. Back at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival this year to close out the event on Sunday, Aug. 7, the divine Ms. Lang has a new band called Siss Boom Bang and will perform selections from her new album, Sing It Loud, which she says was made specifically for Canadian folk festivals. Oh, yes, this is a good fit.

Lang – who was once a torch ‘n’ twang country singer who dressed like Minnie Pearl with gumboots and did in fact jump around a good deal – last graced the folk fest grounds 14 years ago. It was the same night as Garth Brooks, locals recall. Though there was very little cross-over audience by this time, lang thanked the crowd for coming to see her instead of Garth. She was probably just being facetious. The Alberta-born singer has since made headlines for her radical vegetarian stance, coming down hard on Alberta’s beef industry, which annoyed Alberta’s beef industry. Once, when asked about why she’s a vegetarian, she responded as if the interviewer had asked a very stupid question: “Well, killing is wrong, isn’t it?” This is one former cowpunk sweetheart who sticks to her guns.

Also sneak-peeked to play the folk fest in an announcement today are the great Joe Louis Walker and bluesman extraordinaire Duke Robillard. Tickets to this year’s Edmonton Folk Music Festival will go on sale June 1.