Hot Picks: Punk evolves with the Flatliners

There are so many sub-genres of punk rock that one needs an advanced degree in Punkurology to understand it, but it may be divided into two basic groups:

1. That which rocks.

2. That which sucks.

Beavis & Butt-head were right all along. Obviously this is a completely subjective opinion. For some, the commercial “pop-punk” (no names, please) is the epitome of crap. For others, the idea of Green Day doing a Broadway musical is proof that the punk rock genre has been accepted by the public at large.

It’s doubtful The Flatliners – headlining a big-ass punk show at the Pawn Shop tonight – will be doing a Broadway musical any time soon, but you never know. The Toronto band’s bio describes the band as a fusion of “‘90s skate punk”  and the “nuanced, intelligent songwriting of classic post-punks.” Later on, they cite their roots in “ska-punk” – known as “skunk,” which is also a brand of good weed favoured by some punk rock musicians (not your “straight-edge” punk rockers) – and then to evolving into a “harsh melodic machine” with the help and mentorship of producer “Fat Mike” who is a “punk legend,” which of course is an oxymoron unless you’re talking about Johnny Rotten, who’s basically turned into a wrinkled old clown.

It’s all so terribly confusing.

Best not to think about it too hard, and concentrate on the basics: Does this band rock or what?!

Reports suggest it does. Opening for the Flatliners tonight are Living With Lions, Feast or Famine and Greater Than Giants.

Tickets are $12 and available online here or at the door.

10551 82 Avenue