The DAILY FUNNY: More Royal Wedding yuks

Ah, Royal Weddings. How well we recalled as young ‘uns getting up in the wee hours for Chuck and Di’s nuptials….then wondering why we didn’t just sleep in at least until sun rise when the bloody thing still wasn’t over.

With their eldest spawn, Wills, about to marry the com-pletely dishy Kate Middleton, Britain’s answer to the Onion, the Daily Squib, moves among the masses to see how they feel.

Ye Olde Throat cancer is, apparently, in no way responsible for that bilious burning in the back of Christopher Hitchens’ throat as the royal wedding approaches.(Maybe it’s the fried food our Facebook guest, right, is talking about).

You know the best thing about television lately? Not Royal Weddings, that’s for sure. It’s the rebirth of Norm MacDonald’s career, via both a new HBO special and Sports Show, his new sports-only take on the Daily Show.

The man famously fired from Saturday Night Live for making fun of OJ was the best thing about this quite excellent series of SNL parodies about Jeopardy! Turd Ferguson rules forever.

If you’ve been warding off low blood sugar for years by reading The Family Circus, we once again declare: be thankful for The Onion. One of the satire site’s writers has put together a book of celebrity re-captioned Family Circus cartoons to raise money for the Wisconsin Democrats.