The DAILY FUNNY: More-or-less contemplative birds

All right, it’s been 48 hours since 4-20 and we no longer have to officially pretend we like our dirty hippie doobie smoking friend’s lousy habits. With that in mind, check out these honest anti-marijuana PSAs that even your most hoolied of amigos can understand.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been fretting over the fact that you’re the only one among your group of friends who doesn’t have an iPad or iPad2, Andy Borowitz offers this stunning new technological innovation.

Of course, everyone knows the iPad and other digital readers, including Amazon’s Kindle, are killing the traditional book. Well, THAT…ENDS……HEEEEERRE!!!!

No, wait, that’s from a soliloquy in one of the Conan comics. The traditional book is DONE, soon to be relegated to niche status, like the horse and buggy. Nonetheless, some of the old team are still out there, giving it their all...the little heroes…. so proud, so bright and shiny eyed…..

Ahem…well, yes. Let’s compose ourselves after that emotional moment. And, in this period of contemplation, we must ask ourselves: why birds? And why ‘Angry’ birds? And how long will it be before they start realizing anger is a compelling, powerful emotion, able to consume one’s soul, like….hunger. Only angrier. Plus, why slingshots? That’s just…wow.

For those video-gamed out (oh please, like that could ever happen), we check in with our unofficial correspondents for the upcoming nuptials of Little Becky Middleton and Big Bill Windsor. Turns out they’ve figured out the parents angle in a most sedate manner.

And we end this tour through the daily funny back in the word of video games, and a stroll along the familiar turf of Super Mario – with a not-so-familiar twist that is appropriately termed “Mario’s Horrifying Discovery.”