The DAILY FUNNY: He writes the jokes

Screw all of you cynical bastards. Not only is Dave Barry’s folksy humour funny, but Barry Manilow had his moments, too. Yeah! Anyway, here Barry does two unusual things: he actually writes something reasonably fresh for a living (this is from February, which explains why he was always home in the sitcom Dave’s World) and he reviews music.

Helpfully, if showtunes aren’t you’re thang, you can always turn the channel to A&E and lament the state of what used to be a quality channel and is now just,well, shit. A big bucket of shit. The worst, worst in exploitive live t.v. The channel’s sure come a long way since Lovejoy Mysteries and Antiques Roadshow eh! No more reruns of Lou Grant!

Anyway, here’s the Onion’s review of Ghost Hunters. I don’t even know if that’s on A&E but if it’s not, it should be. They’re both total, total shit.

You might have caught our piece the other day on recaptioned Family Circus cartoons. In the same vein, here’s a take on Marmarduke, as reinterpreted by a handful of guys taking more recreational drugs than would seem sensible.

And on the same vein of good ol’ family entertainment, the Daily Funny gets momemtarily sentimental for the bad-old-days of laugh-track sitcoms and Must See TV Thursdays on NBC. rates the sitcoms.

And last but not least, we couldn’t help but notice this retort on the bottom of a article: