The DAILY FUNNY: Movies you claimed to have seen, you liar

You know how you told your buddy how you agreed with him that Inside Job totally deserved the Oscar for best documentary and was totally relevant to the ongoing wage gap in the U.S.?

You know how you were being totally full of shit, because you haven’t actually seen Inside Job? You’re not alone. Here are the 10 movies people most claim to have seen when they haven’t.

Husker Du, where are you? The Onion – that ever-reliable national staple of the journalism scene – reports on the culture outlook for America over the rest of 2011. It’s less a preview than a strained moan through gritted teeth.

Carl Sagan probably would’ve approved. Here, an animated doppelganger introduces us to life on other planets, using the full scope of science that can be observed on 1980s Saturday morning TV.

My humps, my humps, my Cleveland mascot’s lumps…er, sorry. Fergie overdose. Seems this guy, on the other hand, hasn’t gotten his humps on enough, although his elegant suggestion that the mascot “lacked pants” hardly seems sufficient justification for puppet perversion.

Lastly, ever think you’re funnier than the guy on stage? Here are eight counts of heckling in the first degree, along with the responses that made it abundantly clear why the dude on stage was getting paid to make funny.