The Daily Funny: Royal TV watching

You know why Charlie Brooker’s such a well-liked columnist/literary ne’er-do-well in his home nation of England? It’s his optimism. Pay witness as Charlie explains what he expects from Royal Wedding T.V. Coverage in Ye Merrie Olde Englande.

It never ends. Just when you thought U.S. President Barack Obama had closed the issue of his birth by producing his long-form birth certificate, Andy Borowitz explains the issue has morphed into a whole new political liability. Kenya believe it?

Well, maybe. Or maybe we’re just not approaching this from a sufficiently NEGATIVE angle. Like, what if Barack Obama doesn’t really even exist, huh? What then?

If that’s not enough to rile you right up, we go right to the product placement! Actually, this is a little better than that – it’s a collection of classic movie scenes “ruined” by said product placement!

Dorkly has something to cheer you up: Rampant, wanton destruction. Plus, nudity. And if that’s what you’re looking for, this video has it all. You’re probably going to be somewhat underwhelmed, however, unless you’re really turned on by 90’s arcade and Sega Genesis classics.