The DAILY FUNNY: Royals, Dinosaurs and Tokyo’s worst

The “all-nighter” or “all-day watch” is a classic old journalism chesnut, favoured by bored columnists the world over, in the era when people were still paid to just be columnists.

The premise is simple: you go experience a whole night or day of something at best semi-bearable for a few minutes — Brady Bunch Marathon, Election Campaign Speeches, CHED — then write something long and colourful about the pain of it all.

Mike Ross did a masterful job if this a few weeks ago with this piece on local FM radio. And here’s Troy Patterson’s experience staying up to catch as much royal wedding coverage as possible.

Meanwhile, the Onion’s weekly video news roundup addresses the immediate issue of Donald Trump’s douchebaggery, and mourns the tragic passing of one of Richard Attenborough’s pet dinosaurs.

Of course, if a Jurassic Park reference isn’t contemporary enough for you dadgum hipsters (and hey – what could be more contemporary that a dadgum hipster?) then we refer you to’s Daniel O’Brien and his attempt at figuring out whether it’s ironic to try and figure out when filmmakers are deliberately trying to be ironic.

And if the only thing you hate more than ironic filmmaking is drippy, sentimental mush, you’re going to love this recutting of a preview for “Free Willy.” Only this time it’s from the perspective of Willy’s owners. It’s “Steal Willy.”

Those of us who have more grounded senses of visual entertainment — i.e. we dig videogames — will doubtless feel a wee bit of sentiment for this exposition of the 10 Worst Japanese Video Game Titles of all time. Only a great review could begin with the line “Let’s start this list of right. Fly Mr. Science is a game that tkaes the bridge of cultural understanding we share with Japan and carpet bombs it out of existence.”