The DAILY FUNNY: A really premature look at Green Lantern

Looking forward to the summer blockbusters? Imaginative critic Mike Parker checks in with this animated review of what’s probably happening in the movie Green Lantern, based on the trailer.

U.S. Political commentator and thoughtful journalist Andy Borowitz continues to be on a roll, with this good-as-gold exclusive on the ramifications to congress of Osama bin Laden’s death. Well, no….not really.

Speaking of hatred, the irony of this piece runs personally deep: we were listening to the top vote getter in this statistical analysis of Billy Joel Hatred just today.

Meanwhile, while we don’t exactly like to glorify stalkers, this guy raises it to a new art form. It’s not, like, a talking Dalek jokebot from last night’s episode of South Park, or anything. But whatever.

Then again, if we can’t give you a funny Dalek that wants to obliterate humanity, we can at least offer a piece on the latest in U.S. Software: a program that fills in the blanks in “That’s what she said” jokes. Ah Academia, you so crazy.