Architects UK cook popcore at Avenue Theatre tonight

Today on SHARDS OF METAL we explore the sub-genre known as “metalcore.”

Say hello to the Architects UK – all the way from Brighton, the Red Deer of England – playing an all-ages show tonight at the Avenue Theatre (9030 118 Avenue). Welcome to Edmonton, British Alexisonfire! These lads are said to epitomize the British metalcore scene – one of many metalcore scenes from all over the world fusing into a global movement that’s managed to break into the mainstream. Think of bands like Atreyu or Underoath – both huge with the all-ages rock crowd.

The word metalcore refers to rock ‘n’ roll that injects heavy metal into punk rock to a greater extent than can be found in hardcore, yet focused more on melody and the intricate musicianship found in speed-metal, not to be confused with grindcore or crustpunk, but very similar to screamo, which is emo with screaming. Clear? Labels are so useful.

The band’s new singer Sam Carter, who does both the screaming bits and the melodic singing (while Alexisonfire requires two guys), is poised to lead the band straight onto the pop charts. So witness the birth of yet another new subgenre: Popcore.

Consider the lyrics, too, this from the band’s latest single Day In Day Out from the band’s new album The Here and Now: “I can’t understand why I’ve been put here. I’m stuck in a world of sympathy, with nobody watching over me.” Note the introspective use of the first person pronoun, the confessional tone, the hint that the guy might be complaining about something. On the other side, Learn to Live contains this line, “The grass is greener on the other side, so don’t give up on life.”

Good advice. And what’s with the “UK” after their name, you ask? It’s either a legal thing (another band called the Architects in Canada) or a way to tell the rock band from building designers when you’re searching the Internet.

Opening the show tonight will be Dead and Divine, Fall City Fall
and Counterparts. Tickets are $20.