The DAILY FUNNY: iPhones and dirty racehorses

We’d like to tell you this Sunday edition of the Daily Funny cleverly loops together a string of seemingly unrelated comedic threads until, subtly and cleverly, an overarching theme is revealed.

We’d LIKE to tell you that’s the case. But instead it’s more like a bunch of unrelated funny crap stuck together……

With that said, do you hate your friend’s smug joy over owning an iPhone. Here’s what they think of you, cheapskate.

We remember Terry Long from our teen years, and wondered why this grown man was going out with a teenage superhero. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones.

Meanwhile, Washington correspondent/guy we don’t know who’s funny Andy Borowitz reports on the latest poll into U.S. Public preferences between Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.


And finally, this is supposed to be an article on why racehorses can’t have dirty names….but ends out being a list of racehorses who’ve had dirty names. Heh, heh. Right on.