South Park comes to Edmonton – sort of

It’s official – Edmonton is on the counterculture map….well, beyond being the home of Bioware and Christian Hansen and the Autistics: we’re a South Park reference.

In this week’s episode, “Royal Pudding”  which aired Wednesday night on the Comedy Network,  the “Princess of Canada” is kidnapped at her Royal Wedding. A  secret message from the Prime Minister tells Kyle’s adoptive Canadian brother Ike — and all other concerned Canadians to — “meet under a tree in Edmonton.”

They do (or what looks like a big paper cutout of a field, actually). But the target of their wrath, the evil Canadian journalist Scott, turns out to be the wrong man. He hypothesizes that it must have been the work of “the native Canadians.”

The native Canadians, in this case Inuit, say that….oh skip it, it’s as ridiculous as ever. Sacred quest, vision etc. The Edmonton stay is brief. They must’ve missed rush hour.

South Park has a long history of skewering Canada, from the “Blame Canada” war between the two nations in the film “South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut” to the kidnapping of Celine Dion and Saddam’s Canadian invasion.