Jeff Morris destined for great – and mellow – things

Sorry, we don’t need any more neo-hippy sensitive new age singer-songwriters in Edmonton. The VW bus is full.

Well, OK, just one more …

It takes only a few notes to release why Jeff Morris was named both best live artist and best solo artist at the recent Edmonton Music Awards. It’s obvious. He has great songs. Hear them on his self-made album Songs On a Borrowed Guitar, or streaming on his most excellent website here. (He was supposed to play the Black Dog tonight, but had to cancel due to a family emergency.)

He’s got a little Jack Johnson meets John Mayer on the Train train going here – with a voice pretty much guaranteed to make the neo-hippy chicks melt into their peasant skirts. It certainly doesn’t hurt that some of his nature-imagery-ridden tunes deploy that listener-catching second-person pronoun. He’s singing to YOU, people.

Sample lyric: “Go ahead and shout every single doubt that you might have about, the way your life is turning out. Take a trip with me, close your eyes and see how good life could be.”

And so on. There’s also little ditty that asks an unnamed protagonist to stay just a little while longer, at least “until the fire dies.” Whoa, great metaphor alert that also would happen to sound good performed sitting near an actual campfire. He might even be persuaded to break out the dreaded ‘round-the-neck harmonica holder. You know, you could always put some more wood on.

It is also no burden that Morris can play guitar rather well – piano, too. He’s got whole package here and is certainly destined for great, if somewhat mellow things. Just one question: Who is this guy and where is he from? Sorry, that’s two questions.

The answers are: Jeff Morris, from Sherwood Park.

Mark those words.