WORLD DOESN’T END: Hip Hop in the Dark a go tonight

By most reports, the fourth annual Hip Hop in the Park yesterday at Louise McKinney Park was a smashing success. The beats were dope, the flow was, ah, also dope, and the hypemen were … hyping. Have to brush up on our hip hop lingo here.

Co-organizer and hip hop enthusiast Melissa L.A. Bishop posted a short love note on Facebook: “Hip Hop in the Park was thee place to be today and if the world had ended, I woulda been content for it to end there, surrounded by all the people who mean something to me and by the entire culture of something I love so dearly.”

That’s really nice – and and no tender ears were harmed by needless profanity at the event. And the world didn’t end. The Rapture came all right. There was a little luncheon and a press conference and Jesus popped in to say “Keep up the good work” and that he’d check back in 1,000 years or so to see how we’re doing. Nice fellow. Wasn’t such a big deal after all.

Well, enough fun. Now it’s time for the “dark” side of the rap genre, which is to say the uncensored sort of material for which rap music is famous. Tonight at the Crown Pub, 10709 109 Street, is the second phase of Hip Hop in the Park – Hip Hop in the Dark. That rule about no cussing? It’s OK on this stage. Here’s tonight’s bill: Lethal Combo, S.O.B + Nekkbone, Jaide, KDB, tOUCh and Nato. There will also be “battles” in the elements of hip-hop. According to producer Don Welsh, there are nine elements all together: including MC, DJ, breakdance, beatbox, graffiti and we can’t remember the rest. A lot going on here, to be sure.

Tickets are $5 at the door.