Katy Perry whips up a little mindless fun in Edmonton

The stark reality of the debate over pop and culture and folk like Katy Perry is that framing it in terms of arguments about quality is…like…soooo stupid.

Cue gum chewing and snapping. But as much as people worry that cookie cutter pop is somehow destroying culture, they’re usually missing an important half of the equation: people like cookies. Expect them to pack her sold-out show tonight at Rexall Place.

They don’t come much sweeter than Perry, the daughter of strictly orthodox religious parents who manages to spray whipped cream from her bra, empower teen girls and is much admired by male fans for being … well … hot and stacked. And she married Russell Brand, a notorious womanizer, which just made young guys assume she was kind of easy, too.

Yeah, we know. It’s a hard-knock life. Guys are terrible. They should doubtless love her for her perfect-pitch pipes and deeply heartfelt songwriting, just like her teen a ndtween girl fans ….uh, forget that point. She could smack an organ keyboard for an hour with a stilleto pump and the kids would still love her.

So, once again, it’s a big show of semi-sexy, semi-sweet and innocent, like Britney and Hilary before her. But as long as people can bounce up and down to a thumping beat for a few hours, no hard done eh?

Fans in Calgary last night were commenting last night on Twitter after her Saddledome show:

Katy Perry just referred to the chuck wagon races as “little house on the prairie races”


Ahh Katy perry was awesome and hilarious!! But now it’s pouring and we had to take cover in the cowboy hat shop!


Oh Katy Perry you’re amazing! But you must be tired!


Katy Perry meet and greet was legit!!! Damn she is fine, not to mention she actually talks to u!


@CedricBelanger: You’ve got 100,000 drunk Metallica fans to deal with, I have 13,000 teenage Katy Perry fans. Don’t know which is scarier.


haha i love how your first tweet is about wanting to become a lesbian with katy perry


Miss #Katy Perry, you rock! Bryan’s whole family thanks you for your generosity.


Katy perry sprayed me with whip cream http://tumblr.com/xpi3jkwfx3