Opera holds auditions for role in Madame Butterfly

You’ve primped their costumes for years, uttered veiled threats and solid encouragements to draw out their best, and even read lines with them for a grade two play.

You ARE a stage parent.

Ånd, assuming you think local opera is da bomb as far as your child’s artistic development goes, you are cordially invited to bring the little blighters down to auditions this Saturday for a role in Mercury Opera’s Madame Butterfly.

No, it’s not a contest. It’s an audition. The explosion of online media these days just gives Mercury a new route to get the word out. So here’s what they’re looking for.

The role of ‘Sorrow’ calls for:
·         a boy or girl, 4 to 6-years old
·         a slight build
·         fair skin
·         short, sandy/blond hair
·         an outgoing personality, no stage fright
·         an ability to respond to stage direction
·         attendance at all rehearsals beginning August 15 and all performances of Madame Butterfly ( Aug. 23 – 27, 8 p.m.)
Interested parents can get more information, including times and locations, by emailing  lhm4mercuryopera@gmail.com
Tickets for Mercury Opera’s Madame Butterfly are available via TIX On The Square, (780) 420-1757). Admission includes a nightly pre-performance reception.