Shatner’s Tweets: The Magical Mystery Tour

If you live in Regina, I want to see you tonight at the Conexus Arts Centre. Even if you don’t, I want to see you. My Best Bill
(22 hours ago )

Tune in to @MovieCentral TONIGHT at 9pm MT/8 PT for the premiere of #TheCaptains! WIN 1 of 6 autographed prizes: MBB
(20 October 2011 2:32 PM, PDT )

Vancouverites! Are you ready? I’m here in your city and ready to meet all of you! My best, Bill
(19 October 2011 3:07 PM, PDT )

OK, So his last three were straight up self-promotion. Shocking.At least there were no Priceline pitches.

RT @ElizShatner: Please watch/read aboutour special forces and the first battle of 9/11.. on horseback. It is the first time in… http:
(19 October 2011 2:42 PM, PDT )

Hmm… retweeting for family. Sweet.

RT @ScottHamilton09: Hey Everybody! Check this out! “U.S. Figure Skating’s acclaimed film RISE makes its television debut at 7:30 PM EST
(19 October 2011 12:26 PM, PDT )

Giving some love to Scott Hamilton….er, worded that badly…

Watch @SherylCrow in studio laying down vocals for her song on my new album “Seeking Major Tom” MBB
(19 October 2011 11:53 AM, PDT )

As long as he doesn’t do Ziggy Stardust, we’re OK.

If you live in Vancouver, I want to see you tonight at the Vancouver Centre. Even if you don’t and live 120 kms away, I want to see you. MBB
(19 October 2011 10:37 AM, PDT )

Hmmm…. I see a trend. He uses this one a week later. A little Tweet help from an assistant, perhaps. Still not much insight into El Capitan’s mindset.

RT @TheCaptainsTV: Spend your Thursday night with me and #TheCaptains! Tune in to @MovieCentral at 9pm MT/8 PT for our doc’s premiere: h
(18 October 2011 8:27 PM, PDT )

See last analysis

CANADA! Are you ready? I’m on my way! My best, Bill
(17 October 2011 5:35 PM, PDT )

Hmmm, shouting Canada. This sounds like the real deal. But again, it’s pure promotion. Oh Bill….don’t you have anything interesting to Tweet?

#FF @ChrisRRegan @davidzappone @celebconn @BradPaisley @PaulCamuso @giorgiotuscani @IJasonAlexander @johncusack @ScottHamilton09 @wilw MBB
(14 October 2011 12:07 PM, PDT )

All his Friday follows have substantial followings of their own. Nothing to suggest he’s looking for anything of substance on Twitter.

RT @amoebamusic: Today at Amoeba Hollywood: the legendary @WilliamShatner visits us for a special signing at 6pm! Event details: http://
(14 October 2011 12:00 PM, PDT )

RT @piersmorgan: Just said ‘Beam me up Scotty’ to @WilliamShatner – and he threatened to never come on my show again. #CNN
(13 October 2011 5:04 PM, PDT )

Ha ha! Piers Morgan courts the geek demographic. Ha ha! What a scumbag!

Cineplex beams my new doc The Captains into Canadian movie theatres TONIGHT! @7pm (local time) Tix are still available
(13 October 2011 11:07 AM, PDT )

Yeah…. and if you’re reading this for the first time, look forward to it being retweeted at least two more times. To make those occasions more rewarding try…reading…them…in…Kirk…speak.

@ChrisRRegan tells me that my album is debuting on the 48th anniversary of the airing of my twilight zone episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”
(11 October 2011 12:46 PM, PDT )

And we shall dub the day “Nightmare at 20,000 record stores.” No, I kid. It’s probably better than Nimoy’s last effort.

@Rich1701 It’s the story of the fabled Major Tom told through song of what he and his wife went through. Each song adds to the story. MBB
(11 October 2011 11:15 AM, PDT )

Yeah, but does Peter Schilling get any time?

RT @modcanada: @TrixstarTV First stop of the @WilliamShatner Tour, Wed, Oct 19th in Vancouver! We’re excited, will be a great show! #mod
(11 October 2011 11:12 AM, PDT )

More self-promotion. Again, shocking.

@grandeVanilla asked “I’m old school and still use a turntable. Is there any chance that this will be released on vinyl?” It’s also on vinyl
(11 October 2011 11:08 AM, PDT )

Ok, this is a cool bit of pandering to the geeks.

@princessgleek You are right! Here’s the Spotify link for the Spotifyian crowd: My best, Bill
(11 October 2011 10:31 AM, PDT )

He’s on Spotify, but his tweets are about as personal as hotel soap. This is a hard-working celebrity, people.

Rhapsodonians! Don’t fret! My album is also on Rhapsody: My best, Bill
(11 October 2011 10:23 AM, PDT )

Hmmm…I smell the re-emergence of that pesky assistant. Or, er, emergence, since we’re going backwards.

Cineplex beams my new doc The Captains into Canadian movie theatres on Thurs Oct 13th @7pm (local time) My best Bill
(11 October 2011 10:11 AM, PDT )


Today my new album “Seeking Major Tom” is in stores all over the country. You can also purchase on Itunes: MBB
(11 October 2011 10:02 AM, PDT )


“@Spydee_Phoenix: Listened to “Seeking Major Tom” on ITunes by/with the man himself …You need to check it out & add it to your play list!”
(10 October 2011 5:32 PM, PDT )

My new album is #29 best seller in Rock Music on Amazon right now thanks in large part to my Twitter followers. I thank you! My best, Bill
(10 October 2011 5:29 PM, PDT )

I love the guy, but dammmmn. His Tweets reveal NOTHING. How does that warrant followers? Bill Shatner, Man of Mystery. Who knew?

You can purchase “Seeking Major Tom” on ITunes Right Now!!! My best, Bill
(10 October 2011 5:26 PM, PDT )

You have until midnight: from Amazon & send the confirmation to 4 a chance 2 win a signed booklet
(10 October 2011 5:05 PM, PDT )

RT @amoebamusic: Passes to @WilliamShatner’s 10/14 signing at Amoeba Hollywood are available starting tmrrw! Space is limited. Details:
(10 October 2011 4:38 PM, PDT )

… for a chance to win a PERSONALIZED CD booklet signed by me. You have until tomorrow at midnight. This is open to non-US Tweeters as well
(9 October 2011 12:28 PM, PDT )

Pre-order my Seeking Major Tom album on Amazon and send the confirmation email to
(9 October 2011 12:25 PM, PDT )

@charliesheen Congratulations on your 5 Millionth follower. My best, Bill
(8 October 2011 5:43 PM, PDT )

Congratulating the insane Charlie Sheen on his life in the spotlight is somewhat like congratulating Gary Busey for still riding motorcycles. Anyway, enough with the smartass analysis. We list the rest of the month’s tweets for posterity but be warned, it’s more of the same.

I will leave the link active for another day or so – feel free to share it. MBB
(8 October 2011 5:05 PM, PDT )

OK my friends, I have to leave now. I will be contacting those winners of the drink contest via DM so make sure you are following me. MBB
(8 October 2011 5:04 PM, PDT )

Adam Hamilton the producer of my album and I came up with this song plus additional guitars and vocals Patrick Kennison and Tammy Tomahawk
(8 October 2011 4:59 PM, PDT )

#18 Struggle is an original song
(8 October 2011 4:56 PM, PDT )

Keep those drink suggestions coming… I’ll be choosing the winners soon. MBB
(8 October 2011 4:48 PM, PDT )

On Iron Man you’ll find the genius Zakk Wylde (guitar/vocal….formerly with Ozzy) and Mike Inez (bass from Alice in Chains)
(8 October 2011 4:47 PM, PDT )

Now go have a listen to the finished Iron Man piece. It’s number 17 on the list
(8 October 2011 4:44 PM, PDT )

It got a lot of airplay, many made fun of the video but that was the intention. If you take anything out of context you will find it odd.
(8 October 2011 4:43 PM, PDT )

You may have seen my recording for the vocals of Iron Man –
(8 October 2011 4:42 PM, PDT )

What do you think of Lost in the Stars?
(8 October 2011 4:41 PM, PDT )

You could win a PERSONALIZED CD booklet insert signed by me for your new CD. MBB
(8 October 2011 4:40 PM, PDT )

Also remember that if you pre-order the album on Amazon and send the confirmation email to
(8 October 2011 4:40 PM, PDT ) is the link to the album
(8 October 2011 4:38 PM, PDT )

Lost in the Stars features Ernie Watts on sax. (He.has played with Marvin Gaye, the Rolling Stones, Charlie Haden, many others)
(8 October 2011 4:38 PM, PDT )

I’m going to change things up with the next song. I want you to go to #15 which is on the second disc. Lost in the Stars
(8 October 2011 4:35 PM, PDT )

My dear friend Lyle Lovett is on In A Little While
(8 October 2011 4:32 PM, PDT )

RT @12th_of_never: @WilliamShatner Who’s the familiar background voice in #3
(8 October 2011 4:31 PM, PDT )

On Bohemian Rhapsody John Wetton (vocals he is ex King crimson and currently in Asia)
(8 October 2011 4:31 PM, PDT )

OK @Krissyistromy want’s Bohemian Rhapsody next
(8 October 2011 4:29 PM, PDT )

@AVXDude Ben has secretly told me that he really wants to be me. It’s no surprise that he is releasing his CD on Tues I hear it’s wonderful.
(8 October 2011 9:37 AM, PDT )

@missarrie Yes, this is a worldwide contest as long as you buy from MBB
(8 October 2011 9:33 AM, PDT )

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! MBB
(8 October 2011 9:31 AM, PDT )

…Here’s a quick link to the Amazon page for Seeking Major Tom: My best, Bill
(8 October 2011 9:29 AM, PDT )

send your Amazon purchase confirmation email to and be eligible to win a PERSONALIZED CD booklet autographed by me
(8 October 2011 9:27 AM, PDT )

Friends, I want to see my new CD break the top 100 on Amazon. From now until Monday at midnight if you buy Seeking Major Tom on Amazon
(8 October 2011 9:24 AM, PDT )

For tomorrow’s listening party bring your ideas for Major Tom Cocktails. Tweet them to me during the party, the best will win signed CDs MBB
(7 October 2011 11:11 AM, PDT )

@calodixit I don’t think he’s on Twitter. My best, Bill
(7 October 2011 11:09 AM, PDT )

It’s a beautiful #FF list; @ElizShatner, @ChaseMasterson, @amandatapping,@Wolfiesmom, @AdrienneMaloof, @shannonleetweed and @SherylCrow MBB
(7 October 2011 11:08 AM, PDT )

Join me tomorrow here on Twitter at 7PM ET/4PM PT for a Seeking Major Tom listening party Come to Twitter, follow me and we’ll talk Tom. MBB
(7 October 2011 10:50 AM, PDT )

@billprady What is up with the blue tunic in your icon? Aren’t you in command? It should be gold. My even better than best, Bill
(7 October 2011 10:49 AM, PDT )

SPOCK?!!! Why not Kirk? @Justin_Stangel When I watch Big Bang Theory, I like to dress like Spock and pretend I’m one of the gang @billprady
(7 October 2011 10:24 AM, PDT )

Hey, Michael @m_giacchino – all systems go for the Zenoids #music contest on! Launching now! – MBB
(5 October 2011 3:08 PM, PDT )

Put your thinking caps on and During the listening party I’ll send out a request for Major Tom Drinks. Submit your drink recipe & win a CD
(5 October 2011 1:55 PM, PDT )

@stuartfhatch I like the name; how would you make the cocktail? My best, Bill
(5 October 2011 1:34 PM, PDT )

I want to send a thank you to each and every one of my followers. We crossed the 750,000 follower threshold in the past 24 hours. TY!! MBB
(5 October 2011 1:26 PM, PDT )

I’m thinking for our Sat Listening Party that we get ideas for Major Tom cocktails Thoughts? Maybe give a signed CD for the best drinks? MBB
(5 October 2011 1:24 PM, PDT )

RT @JoyVBehar: On my @HLNTV set w/ @WilliamShatner. My interview w/ “The Shat” airs 2nite. Got a caption for this photo?
(5 October 2011 1:05 PM, PDT )

RT @MarthaQuinn: Tweethearts check it! @WilliamShatner does @duranduran!!! Planet Earth of course! What else would Captain Kirk do??? ht
(5 October 2011 1:03 PM, PDT )

I’m doing a one man show in Canada over the next few weeks. I hope you can make it:
(4 October 2011 3:44 PM, PDT )

RT @NSAYMidtown: The #Midtown Barnes & Noble is having a very special guest this week: @WilliamShatner! Come hear him speak on Thursday!
(4 October 2011 3:33 PM, PDT )

A Twitter listening party is I release links to some of the songs You listen, we chat, maybe mix a few drinks and have a wonderful time MBB
(4 October 2011 3:32 PM, PDT )

@JetoraOrzus I consider that a good addiction to have. My best, Bill
(4 October 2011 3:30 PM, PDT )

I’m holding a Twitter listening party for “Seeking Major Tom” on Sat afternoon. More details later this week. I hope you’ll attend. MBB
(4 October 2011 3:28 PM, PDT )

RT @shannonleetweed: The new season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels premieres TONIGHT at 9p on A&E! Don’t miss it! Spread the word
(4 October 2011 3:26 PM, PDT )

It’s a busy 7 days for me My book “Shatner Rules” & my doc “The Captains” on DVD released today. My CD “Seeking Major Tom” is next Tues MBB
(4 October 2011 3:25 PM, PDT )