Seven ways the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is like Disneyland

Well, there goes another folk festival – into the inevitable Four Strong Winds, whose annual performance at the end of the event marks the beginning of fall in Edmonton. Suckers! Longtime festival-goers – especially longtime festival-goers with kids – may notice certain similarities between the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and Disneyland. It’s eerie when you think about it:

1. Nightly ritual: Candles at the folk fest, fireworks at Disneyland.

2. Different music everywhere you go.

3. No parking anywhere within walking distance. This results in “parental sherpas” humping around backpacks, lawn chairs, water bottles, hula hoops, bicycles, you name it, up and down one really big hill in the stupid heat, until they die. Anything for their kids.

4. Spend far more money than anticipated.

5. Folk fest rides: Wedgie Hill, Tiptoe Tarp, Bhoona Balance, Ex-Girlfriend Avoidance.

6. Long line-ups for the hottest attractions: Beer tent, bathroom 15 minutes after the workshops end, New Asian Village, taxis to get the hell out of there.

7. It’s the happiest place on Earth!