Eric Church, a fresh voice of country music, comes to Rexall in February

Here’s another allegedly redneck country singer who’s recently spilled over to the mainstream – Eric Church, who’s making his Edmonton debut not in some bar, but in the “big room,” the hockey arena, the one and only Rexall Place.

The North Carolina singer performs Tuesday, Feb. 5 (2013), part of his “Blood, Sweat and Beers” tour, just in case you’re not quite sure of the gist of where he’s coming from. But there’s more to this new star than redneck anthems, showing refreshing depth and passion in his music. Has “the new Alan Jackson” been taken yet?

Church, after toiling in the honky-tonks since 2006, scored huge success this year with the release of his latest album, Chief, which yielded two No. 1 hits – including “Springsteen,” a tale of romance sparked at a Bruce Springsteen concert: “Somewhere between that setting sun, I’m On Fire and Born To Run, you looked at me and I was done” and so on. Also hitting a nerve in heartland America (and Canada) was a little ditty called “Drink in My Hand.” Clear now? This should be a good country time.

With Colt Ford opening – now there’s a solid country music name – tickets to the concert go on sale Friday.