MUSIC: Top 10 Edmonton albums of 2012

This was quite the year for music in Edmonton. Not only did we play host to some major touring acts, capped off by two nights with the legend Paul McCartney, but a large number of local acts put out some sensational albums. While the city may be best known in music circles for its folk bands, with a scene reminiscent of the grand old days of the 1960s Toronto and New York folk explosion, the best albums in the city cover a very well-rounded group of genres. Here’s my top-10:

10: Collective West – Fire and the Ocean

But we’ll start with a folk act. This band follows one of the trends in that genre of recent time, that of sharing vocals between a male and female that keeps the sound fresh from track to track. They do it superbly; though it would be hard not to with Erin Faught, who has one of the most beautiful voices of any in the city. A great performance, with an exceptional mix of moods and melodies.

9: Short Of Able – The Last One’s Gone

Emotive rock, with catchy hooks and solid, driving bass lines. Lead singer Justin Wisser has a raw, refreshing voice with the odd country twang that presents a nice change-up.

8. Book Of Caverns – Homes

This local act lays down a very solid post-hardcore sound, with a nice combination of noise and fuzz, mood and dynamics. And don’t forget melody.

7. J. Eygenraam – Cheap Talk

This up-and-comer has his own slant on folk rock, catchy melodies with a bit of noise thrown in for good measure. He also captures some whimsy in his music, isn’t afraid to experiment and try something different, with even a hint of blues in a couple of the tracks.

6. Kingdoom – self-titled

Wavering between metal and rock, Kingdoom even crosses over into doom dance metal from time to time, and for good measure, incorporates a little rap in places. Kind of like Linkin Park with a northern twist.

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