Jerry Seinfeld returns to Edmonton in August

GigCity Edmonton Jerry SeinfeldWhat’s the deal with Jerry Seinfeld?

The guy was a huge TV star. He’s multimillionaire. He doesn’t need to work. And now he’s back humping his jokes around on the road like some Yuk Yuk’s comic, playing places like Edmonton. Must be something about stand-up comedy that keeps people coming back. Seinfeld performs at the Jubilee Auditorium on Saturday, Aug. 10 – two shows: 7 and 10 pm. Tickets go on sale Monday.

New material? But of course. Comics love testing new material to appreciative audiences. This Master of Minutiae has a knack for sensationalizing the mundane, for drawing attention to universal annoyances so small as to be beneath our notice, the poodle toenails on the linoleum of life.

Last time through town, in 2011, he offered observations on such first world problems as answering machines: “Technology is supposed to make you seem smarter — so why are people still telling you to wait for the beep? The beep? Really? It’s the 21 st goddamned century. I think we’re all up to speed on the beep.”

On being married with children: “A man is nothing more than an extremely advanced dog.”

On eBay: “Hey, why don’t we mail our garbage back and forth to each other?”

And many more. He’s got a million of them.