Edmonton elects new Mayor!

Don Iveson GigCity Edmonton

The Mayor

A new Mayor was elected Mayor of Edmonton Oct. 21 in a stunning victory that will herald in a bright new era of prosperity, innovation and other swell things for the city, according to the new Mayor and those who voted for the new Mayor.

Surrounded by jubilant supporters, the new Mayor promised more of one thing, less of something else, reiterated the talking points in a long and contentious campaign and promised to lead the city into a hopeful future filled with various good things that will happen under the leadership of the new Mayor and City Council. The citizens cheered the new Mayor.

The local media in all its forms celebrated, too. The bloggers and tweeters especially had a field day with the political theatre and human drama in an election marked by many awkward and embarrassing moments, if not any divisive issues whatsoever, and are really going to miss it now that it’s over. Most of the mayoral candidates agreed on the main points – especially wanting to be the Mayor.

It should be noted at this point in the story that it has been the custom at GigCity to never refer to the Mayor of Edmonton by name in any news story if the Mayor merely doing a Mayor’s job, i.e., cutting ribbons and so forth. The least we ask of any mayor is that he or she look reasonably good on camera, be capable to speaking in complete sentences and not embarrass Edmonton too much in the eyes of the nation. Seeing as the Mayor is just another civil servant – the ultimate civil servant, really – the Mayor deserves the highest accolades worthy of a person dedicated to public service, one who is humble, fair and impartial, and therefore completely invisible.

Stephen Mandel – yes, that was his name – had a good run. Now it’s time for new regime. It’s the new Mayor’s turn to be anonymous. Remember, new Mayor, YOU work for US! And that goes for all you new councillors, too, whoever you are.