WIN: Tickets to the Bedouin Soundclash dude

Jay Malinowski GigCity EdmontonFor anyone who finds the Bedouin Soundclash a little too, you know, “up,” not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re in the right mood, you may be very interested in what the band’s frontman Jay Malinowski has been up to.

That’s right – he’s gone solo. For a bit. And he’s making folky, hook-laden music a tad more melancholy than “When the Night Feels My Song,” which, come to think of it is a pretty lonely-making soundtrack to college life in Canada in the mid ‘00s (the uh-ohs). Since then, the singer-songwriter has penned such bittersweet gems as “Life is a Gun” and more recently a dark love song called Patience Phipps, from his new project called Jay Malinowski and the Deadcoast, featuring piano and a string trio, and it sounds a awful lot like Crowded House, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. Their EP Indian Summer came out in October 2012.

Intrigued? The group will be playing Wednesday, March 26 at the ARTery – a cool little inner city venue that often features cool little bands on the way to becoming big. Indie need not mean small, don’t forget.