Music community unites in support of the Roxy


Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan

In Edmonton, all art scenes come to meet in the middle. Last night that middle ground was the Artery as musicians joined together in support of the Roxy.

The eclectic crew that crowded the Artery proved that The Roxy was not just for thespians. When the last of the building came down, the music scene felt the loss as well. According to The Theatre Network’s Taylor Chadwick, many acts have used the Roxy as a starting point.

“All the musicians here tonight have performed on the Roxy stage at one point in their career,” Chadwick said. “As well, there were many musicals that have been performed there. Music is one of those things that really pulls from all over the place.”

A strong line up came together in artistic unity and shared their talents. Peter Stone ( 100 mile house) , The Provincial Archive, The Mark Davis Band, The Unwed Mothers and Joe Nolan showed their love for the Roxy in hopes that the new venue holds true to the values of the old.

Musicians were not only up on stage, but in the audience as well. Mike Dunn of The Moanin’ After was there and shared his thoughts.

“It was a great place for music to happen,” Dunn said of the Roxy. “If you have beautiful music that you’ve worked hard to put together, and it is going to be super tight, you want people to listen and not just hang at the bar.

“In this town, that doesn’t really happen in a lot of places.”

Not only was the music community represented, but the political realm was there to offer support. Alberta’s NDP leader Rachel Notely believed that the Roxy was an important part of the music scene and hopes the new theatre will continue in that vein, wherever it may be.

“The more places that we can build with a creative desire to share together the better,” Notley said. “That is what makes the community stronger.Tonight is amazing. Bringing it all together and sharing. That is what makes Edmonton special.”

To donate to Theatre Network (who operated the Roxy), visit Canada Helps here.