CONCERT: Looking forward to The Weeknd

The Weednd

The Weeknd

Grammy nominated alt-R&B hero The Weeknd is coming to Edmonton on Monday, Nov. 30 as a part of The Madness Fall Tour.

The Scarborough native’s latest album, Behind The Madness, is currently rising through the charts and has music reviewers foaming at the mouth trying to define its sound, specifically the album’s second single The Hills. Using words like discordant, tantric and hypnotic, The Hills is a critical darling and not without reason.

It is all those aforementioned things, but it’s also pragmatically honest from a lyrical standpoint. With a hook like “When I’m fucked up that’s the real me” and “Always tryna send me off to rehab, drugs start to feeling like it’s decaf,
I’m just tryna live life for the moment, and all these motherfuckers want a real love”  you can’t go wrong.

Add a bass that is super dirty deep, a lullaby ending and a simmer scream during the chorus and you got one hell of a spooky vibe.

With that said, I would recommend the video even if The Weeknd isn’t your bag. The clip perpetuates the song’s spookiness as the title references Wes Craven’s ’77 classic The Hills Have Eyes. Without giving too much away, it begins with him crawling out of a flipped car, he is then ensconced with stunning symbolism and this pseudo short film has one devil of an ending.

His his newest single Can’t Feel My Face shows his influence by being a bit pop-ier with a Michael Jackson feel. That is to say, if you were looking for something less sweary or scary.

Tickets range in price from $39.50 to $99.50 and can be found here.