George Thorogood Badder Than Ever in Edmonton

George Thorogood GigCity EdmontonTalk about dependable. There is no one in rock ‘n’ roll who sticks to his guns better than George Thorogood, except maybe AC/DC, so that’s good … er, bad company.

We can also count on the so-called “Delaware Destroyer” to come to Edmonton as predictably as migratory birds, assuming some kind of special geese migrate in two-year cycles. Like clockwork and with the same hard-working band, Thorogood and his Destroyers are back again to rock their faithful at the Jubilee Auditorium, on Tuesday, April 26. Tickets are $36-$85 and go on sale Friday.

You always know you’re going to get at a George Thorogood show: Badassed, Southern-fried rock anthems suitable for any occasion where people actually drink bourbon, scotch and beer in the same sitting. We know them well! Bad to the Bone, Born to Be Bad and other songs that support the thesis of the first two. Four decades he’s been at banging the bad brand.

“You don’t ask Woody Allen to make a western and you can’t expect Clint Eastwood to do Shakespeare,” George explained in a press release. “You find what you’re good at and stick to it.”

In short, the tour is called “Badder Than Ever” for good reason.