EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Fisher’s dog loves Milk Bones

Carrie Fisher Gary GigCity EdmontonCarrie Fisher isn’t doing any press for her appearance at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend – but her dog Gary wasn’t so media shy.

The adorable French bulldog who goes everywhere with the Star Wars actress even has his own Twitter account – with almost 10,000 followers! “Sniff, sniff, wag-wag-wag, lick-lick-lick,” he said in a recent exclusive interview. Good dog.

Meanwhile, Edmonton gallery operator Vince Gasparri is kicking himself for not owning a camera phone to snap a selfie with Gary and his owner – who came into the Rowles & Company Art Gallery last week to do a little shopping. Fisher had apparently made a special trip to peruse the gallery’s selection of original Canadian artwork.

Gary came to the door first, unleashed, his long tongue hanging out, patiently looking back for his owner.

“Hello,” the bewildered shopkeeper said to the dog, and “oh, hello,” finally acknowledging the human customer who followed slowly behind.

“I had no idea who she was, or even that the Expo was happening,” Gasparri says. “I asked if I could give her dog a treat, and she said, ‘he’s very particular, he might not eat it,’ but he did.”

Being a dog-friendly place, they had a supply of Milk Bones on hand. “And then he wanted more, and started following me around. Carrie said, ‘he’s probably thirsty,’ so I got him a bowl of water.”

Gary continued to follow them around, sniffing everything and occasionally whining for more Milk Bones while Fisher browsed.

“Do you have any chickens?” she asked. As Gasparri pointed out several chicken-themed pieces, it started to dawn on him who she was.

“You bear a striking resemblance to Carrie Fisher,” he said.

“I am Carrie Fisher,” she said.

“No shit,” was his response.

Fisher bought a number of pieces, laid down a good chunk of change, and asked to have the stuff shipped to her mom.

“Your mom is Debbie Reynolds!” Gasparri said. Yes, she said, it is true. Hollywood runs in the family.

They had a pleasant conversation, he says. While Gasparri did get an autograph (which Fisher is charging around $80 for at the Expo), he doesn’t own an iPhone. And there was a camera in the shop somewhere, but he says he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. In short, no picture. But all in all, he says, “I was struck by how casual, how friendly and how unassuming she is – and funny. I said, ‘I’m so happy to have met you,’ and she said it was no big deal. I said, ‘Yes it is! I’m a ‘70s child. I’ve loved everything about your iconic stature.’”

For Gary, of course, every day with doggie treats is a big deal.