The DAILY FUNNY: Terrible, terrible truth

It’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the….oh who are we kidding. Alex Balk at ruminates on the terrible truth. If you don’t have the gift of the ….uh…girth, hit ’em with a bit of mirth! Just hope they speak English, because, contextually speaking, some things just don’t translate that […]

The DAILY FUNNY: He writes the jokes

Screw all of you cynical bastards. Not only is Dave Barry’s folksy humour funny, but Barry Manilow had his moments, too. Yeah! Anyway, here Barry does two unusual things: he actually writes something reasonably fresh for a living (this is from February, which explains why he was always home in the sitcom Dave’s World) and […]

The DAILY FUNNY: More-or-less contemplative birds

All right, it’s been 48 hours since 4-20 and we no longer have to officially pretend we like our dirty hippie doobie smoking friend’s lousy habits. With that in mind, check out these honest anti-marijuana PSAs that even your most hoolied of amigos can understand. Meanwhile, if you’ve been fretting over the fact that you’re […]

The DAILY FUNNY: More Royal Wedding yuks

Ah, Royal Weddings. How well we recalled as young ‘uns getting up in the wee hours for Chuck and Di’s nuptials….then wondering why we didn’t just sleep in at least until sun rise when the bloody thing still wasn’t over. With their eldest spawn, Wills, about to marry the com-pletely dishy Kate Middleton, Britain’s answer […]

To boldly make comedy where there was no comedy before

Inoculate yourselves, because free comedy is spreading in pubs west of downtown like a sniffle through a kindergarten. The Gas Pump, located at 10166 114 Street, is the latest establishment to offer a slate of comedians on a night which is traditionally slow in the hospitality industry – Mondays at 9:30 p.m., fitting nicely between […]

COMEDY: Garfunkel and Oates’ “Weed Card” for 4-20

Today’s a special day for a whole bunch of special lil’ folk. Like pixies and leprechauns, these wee folk take to the hills and the woods and the forests, shying away from the light of day, their existence shrouded in myth and ceremony. Yes, we’re talking about hippies. And the date today is 4/20, which […]

The DAILY FUNNY: Green onions and reusable energy

Worried about the oil sands, our economic future, and the environment? The Onion offers this reasoned debate between two seasoned veterans who’ve assessed the future of carbon. Timing might have been a little off, though….. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead fame reshoot Star Wars. Well, one particular […]

A brief her-story of Hamlet and other gender benders

So here’s the basic proposition, as put forward by Indie5 and Hambones’ production of Hamlet, which has its final show tonight at the Old Cycle Building on 118 Avenue: maybe, just maybe, if Hamlet had been played by a woman, things might not have been quite so rotten in the State of Denmark. At least, […]