TONIGHT: Artists for Life, Pink Floyd, Raygun Cowboys, Bobby Cameron

The only funny thing to say about Artists for Life – tonight at the Catalyst Theatre – is that the very title suggests there might be artists who are NOT for life. Even death metal bands are into life. It’s just so bleedin’ obvious, isn’t it? As is the desire to support worthy charities like […]

TRUE TALES OF THE ROAD: Ripped off in Cuba

If you’re trying to build a bridge between the punk rock scenes of Edmonton and Cuba – a place not known for its punk rock, where rock ‘n’ roll was actually once illegal until Fidel Castro realized John Lennon was a comrade, and which is so screwed up that the entire grassroots economy runs on […]

Edmonton Arts Council a great stress-reliever for local artists

It sure is sweet when you’re an artist who doesn’t have to scrape for every buck to pay the rent. Thanks to the Edmonton Arts Council, 16 talented Edmonton artists will enjoy that chance – for a couple of months, at least – with an extra $7,500 each. Musician Ben Sures (right) and filmmaker Trevor […]

Edmonton Jewish Film Festival not just for Jews

The Edmonton Jewish Film Festival that runs at the Metro Cinema today (Monday, April 4) inspires two questions: Q. Is this just for Jews? A: Absolutely not! Festival producer Josh Miller declares, “We welcome the general public with open arms.” Michael Schayer, vice president of Acme Scrap Iron and Metals, a big sponsor of the […]

Edmonton non-profit benefits, but indie cinema firm left reeling

Citadel Theatre says it’s not worried about filling the void that will be left when Metro Cinema departs Zeidler Hall and heads south across the river to The Garneau in a few months, but the move has an unhappy ending for The Garneau’s soon-to-be displaced tenant. “For us, it was a dream come true and […]

FILM AND MUSIC AT SXSW: Fish takes Austin up a notch

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Whatever doubts you have, stick them in a panty drawer. This sprawling creature called SXSW (South by Southwest Music + Film + Interactive Conference) may not be what it used to be, as the ultra-hip above us claim, but that’s kind of like saying sex is no good. It’s always up to […]

Earth not ready for ‘Mars Needs Moms’

It’s not surprising that ‘Mars Needs Moms’ failed so miserably at the box office – the $150 million film making a pathetic $6.9 million on opening weekend – because Disney KILLED THE WRONG MOM! There’s a rich history of cinematic matricide in Disney animated features, and indeed many stories aimed at children, as parents are […]

Edmonton Jewish Film Festival returns in April

Edmonton has a smallish Jewish community, but it is tight-knit and prosperous – and its people are sometimes hungry for authentic Jewish culture, which can be hard to find in the mainstream. And no, Coen Brothers movies don’t count. Cue the Edmonton Jewish Film Festival, back again after a year off, this coming April 3-4 […]

KILL THE ALIENS! Battle: Los Angeles is a guilt-free war movie

Nine out of 10 aliens agree: there’s nothing like a good alien invasion flick – provided the aliens win, of course. It’s bound to happen one of these times. Probably not this weekend, though. Opening in theatres Friday, Battle: Los Angeles stars Aaron Eckhart as a battle-hardened Marine sergeant fighting a horde of advanced extraterrestrials […]

OBITUARY: Sayonara Westmount, an oasis of good movie seating

While you were sitting at home watching the Oscars on TV and they were doing that little montage featuring all the movie types whose work we will no longer be able to enjoy because they shuffled off this mortal coil sometime in the last year — complete with Celine Dion vocals —  Westmount Centre Cinemas […]

ROOTS FEST: Phil Ochs doc at Metro tonight

We sure had fun tripping back in time, didn’t we? CKUA guy Peter North reports the Winter Roots and Blues Roundup II (Feb 24-28, 2011) on the weekend was a smashing success. He’s a bit biased, since he was one of the promoters, so forgive the glowing review of his own event. A lot of fans agree with […]