Deja vu all over again as Supertramp hits Edmonton June 5

Supertramp is coming! Now we know what you’re saying: Supertramp? Weren’t they just here? Are there two Supertramps? Have the two parallel universes collided? Help! Relax. The confusion you are feeling is natural. It’s common in classic rock circles to ask: who the bloody hell is in my favourite band now? The “real” Supertramp, which includes basically everybody except […]

EDMONTON RADIO: Battle of the morning zoos

It was an experiment that tested the limits of human endurance – listen to three-and-a-half straight hours of morning FM radio, talk only, to scientifically determine who has the best morning zoo in Edmonton. It’s like Robot Chicken: Get a decent punchline or hear anything other than DJ banter and one must immediately flip to […]

POETRY: the deep meaning of rap-rock lyrics

Who knows where the cookie came from in Limp Bizkit’s 1999 hit Nookie, nor why the song’s subject was told to stick it up her ‘Yeah.’ I also never quite deciphered what Kid Rock meant by “bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy.” Angry rap-rock bands provided a smorgasbord of horribly juvenile lyrics, and perhaps that’s […]

Mutant Mondays expose experimental music

Edmonton electroacoustic artist Shawn Pinchbeck is slated to be the first headliner in what is anticipated will be a weekly series of experimental shows at Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus (8120 101 Street). Pinchbeck, with special guests Zebra Pulse,  plays Wunderbar Monday, March 7 in the series, currently operating under the working title Mutant Mondays. Experimental clarinetist Don […]

Tripping back to Supertramp

If you’re looking for an Edmonton connection to Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson, who played Saturday (March 5) at the River Cree Casino – you couldn’t do much better than Andy O’Kell. The drummer was part of a group of local musicians crazy enough to do something no other local band had ever done before – or […]

Death metal veterans preach Canadian heavy, tonight at The Starlite Room

The members of Montreal death metal band Kataklysm are learning to live with a little less alone time on the road. To celebrate two decades of metal mayhem, a film crew is following the band through 2011 to produce a documentary DVD dubbed The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined. “We’re in southern Europe and the […]

SYSTEM OF A DOWN HERE MAY 10 – area metalheads rejoice

Why don’t presidents fight the war? This is just one of many good questions posed by System of a Down, possibly one of the greatest modern heavy metal bands ever. No, not possibly. It is the greatest. Argue all you like, dudes. No one’s going to hear you at the band’s highly-anticipated concert in Edmonton, […]

We are frost together: Bryson, Weakerthans get their Canuck UFO yarn on

Jim Bryson and The Weakerthans Myer Horowitz Theatre Tuesday, March 1, 7  p.m.,  $17.50 (buy tickets) You probably already know this, but Canadian winters rule. Is there anything quite like waking up and heading straight for the TV or internet, tuning into the Weather Network so that you can see the forecast for the day […]

LADIES’ MEN: Josh, Keith and Burton scheduled to woo your wives

    When Josh Groban says he’s going to “do one for the ladies,” he’s not just kidding around – they’re ALL for the ladies. That goes double for Keith Urban. Attention females of Edmonton: Both of these amazingly hot hunka hunka burnin’ love superstars are coming to Edmonton this September. Groban takes the stage […]

FUNK ALERT! Alarm set to attack Edmonton with skanktastic beats, riotous horns, disruptive attire

Almost exactly one year ago, Canada was tied with the U.S. in overtime of the gold medal hockey game at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The air was tense across the nation, and not far from GM Place where the game was being played, one band waited for what might be the best or worst gig […]

ROOTS FEST: Phil Ochs doc at Metro tonight

We sure had fun tripping back in time, didn’t we? CKUA guy Peter North reports the Winter Roots and Blues Roundup II (Feb 24-28, 2011) on the weekend was a smashing success. He’s a bit biased, since he was one of the promoters, so forgive the glowing review of his own event. A lot of fans agree with […]

EDMONTON RADIO: Is the Bounce bad for children? Short answer: yes

Important disclaimer: This article is about top-40 radio. Therefore, in a year or less, the names and song titles will appear hopelessly quaint and out of date. If you’re reading this in the future (hello, people of the future!), go ahead and laugh. If the Rapture hasn’t come by then, we will laugh with you. […]