Alberta Party leader ready to rumble at Roller Grrrls

You know that Bob Dylan song Blood on the Tracks? It’s all about the roller derby. OK, so there’s no such song (it’s the name of the album), but there ought to be – because it could be the theme for Edmonton’s first (and possibly last) roller derby team comprised of theatre people under the […]

STEVE-O: The crazy kid who will do anything

You know that kid in your class who will do anything, take any dare, jump from any height, eat any bug? Steve-O is that guy. He has: –     Snorted his own snot –     Stapled his scrotum to both of his thighs –     Snorted a live worm and pulled it out his mouth –     Allowed his […]

GIGGLE CITY: Marty Hanenberg knows when to duck

Nightclubs are ruthless, cut-throat, live-or-die comedian training grounds, but sometimes a worthy comic can come from a more gentle, nurturing place – live theatre. So let’s say “break a leg” to Marty Hanenberg, an Ottawa-born actor who came to Calgary 20 years ago to learn the fine art of improvisational comedy at the legendary Loose Moose Theatre […]

Newfoundland wit and wisdom at the Westbury Theatre

Uncle Val has been grumping about life, the universe and everything since 1978, if you can believe it. Now, one of the favourite and quintessentially Canadian characters created by CodCo’s Andy Jones takes the live stage at the Transalta Arts Barns’ Westbury Theatre this week. An Evening with Uncle Val is a one-man show that […]

She gave me water … and pity

I don’t know who he is, but his face rings a bell … he’s a dead ringer for his brother … not sure, but I got a hunch. That’s all the punchlines we can come up with about the three bell-ringing hunchback brothers who tragically fell out of the belltower window. Hunchback, at the Citadel Theatre through March […]

GIGGLE CITY: Jake Johannsen sad he can’t do any more Cheney jokes

  He’s one of David Letterman’s favourite comedians, having been on the show an astounding 35 times. Also Bill Maher, Conan, Greg Kilborn – you name the late-night talk show, Jake Johannsen has been on it. His endearing brand of observational comedy has been pleasing audiences for four decades – and now we’re lucky to […]

Ceili’s open stage a comedy gym for local performers

Chris Ianson, the night manager at Ceili’s Irish Pub on 104th Avenue, finds himself in a pickle on Tuesday nights when 9:30 rolls around and the free comedy is supposed to start. Frequently, the Oilers have been playing on Tuesday, and on this particular night every one of the bar’s dozen screens is tuned to […]

And the Oscar for best Oscar party goes to … THE VARSCONA THEATRE!

Thank you, thank you very much. You like me! Right now, you like me! Do you turn to Star Magazine for world news? Do you cry every time Jennifer Aniston goes through a breakup? Is your idea of activism wearing a T-shirt that says “Lindsay Lohan is Innocent”? If you answered yes to any of […]

New plays get test flight at Stage Struck 2011

This weekend offers a rare glimpse at plays going to the stage for the first time. Stage Struck 2011, at the Walterdale Playhouse tonight (Friday, Feb 25) and tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 26), is festival consisting of seven one-act adult plays, “but not adult as in triple-X,” jokes organizer Mary-Ellen Perley of the Alberta Drama Festival Association, a […]

GIGGLE CITY: Kerry Unger

Say hello to Kerry Unger, who just finished a run at the The Laugh Shop in Sherwood Park (Thursday, Feb 24, through Saturday, Feb 26, 2011) The 40-year-old Edmonton comic is this week’s subject of Giggle City, a series of unrelated questions designed to dig a little deeper into today’s sharpest comic minds. (Warning: The following […]

THEATRE: A Smurftacular look at tragedy, loss, and the unanswerable questions

Tragedy strikes everybody from time to time and we all have our own ways of coping. In Trent Wilkie’s Gargamel, he takes a humorous slant on misfortune. Wilkie, a founding member of Edmonton’s Mostly Water comedy troupe, found inspiration in the calamity the was inflicted upon his inner circle. “My brother was in a nasty […]

GIGGLE CITY: Marcus Beaubier

Our guest this week is Marcus Beaubier, performing at Yuk Yuk’s (in the Century Casino) tonight (Saturday, Feb. 19) Warning: The following contains explicit content not suitable for children. Q. If you could be any Canadian celebrity, who would you be, and why? A: Some sort of weird hybrid of Gord Downie from the Tragically […]