MUSIC PREVIEW: Primus to get trippy

MUSIC PREVIEW: Primus to get trippy

It turns out you didn’t actually have to decide whether to see Mumford and Sons or “xx” on Wednesday night – you could’ve gone to both shows, what with the Rexall curfew and a late set time for xx. Though maybe your bank account would’ve said differently. This weekend there’s a few shows worthy of [...]

WEEKEND MUSIC PREVIEW: Rock legends descend on Edmonton

While the calendar continues to be dominated by the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, never let it be said that this city doesn’t honor musical legends, as three bands that saw the peak of their careers in the 1980s and 1990s perform around town this weekend – The Cult, Refused, and the Headpins. The Edmonton Blues [...]

WEEKEND MUSIC PREVIEW: St. Patrick’s Day a good excuse to drink

Let’s think of other cultures whose stereotypes we can hang a day on like we do as an excuse to get drunk with the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Better yet, let’s not. No sense letting political correctness get in the way of a good excuse to get drunk. Besides, as prominent local Irish person [...]