Blue Rodeo extra-ordinary super-natural

Blue Rodeo extra-ordinary super-natural

Calling music “timeless” is a high compliment, but when it comes to the timeless Blue Rodeo, it’s like we’re lost together in a time warp. Hear just a few notes and – BAM – back to college you go. They never change! It’s like that moment in the vampire film where they realize the main […]

Why Blue Rodeo never wears out its welcome

Why Blue Rodeo never wears out its welcome

How many times have we seen Blue Rodeo in Edmonton? Given at least one visit for each album plus eight folk fest appearances over almost 26 years, the conservative estimate is that they’ve played here 23 times. Does that sound right? Could be more if you count solo appearances from the two frontmen Jim Cuddy […]

Blue Rodeo to hit Edmonton in January for 25th anniversary tour

Here’s another band hitting a milestone that reminds us how old we’re getting – Blue Rodeo has been at it for 25 years, and will celebrate with what is expected to be a night of pure, sweet nostalgia on an extensive cross-Canada tour. Two nights in Edmonton, actually. The band plays the Jubilee Auditorium January […]


Jim Cuddy says he honestly has no idea why he was asked to be the host of the opening night at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, “Jim Cuddy’s Comedy Rodeo,” Wednesday at the Citadel Theatre (with Louis Ramey, Kevin McGrath, Trent McClelland, Atomic Improv, Lars Callieou and Sean Lecomber). Damn it, Jim, he’s a musician, not […]

WHAT’S SO FUNNY: Even one club down, lots of comedy ahead

Make that What’s Not So Funny – it looks like the Laugh Shop is out of business. There was talk the Sherwood Park comedy club would be moving to a new 124th Street location for an opening on Oct. 1, but that never came to pass. The owner-operators reportedly sold the building and that is […]

Jim Cuddy, Jay Mohr to headline 2012 Edmonton Comedy Festival

Jim Cuddy is among the big name comic talent coming in for the second annual Edmonton Comedy Festival, announced Wednesday … and wait a minute, Jim Cuddy is the singer from Blue Rodeo. He’s no comic. “Actually,” says comedy fest producer Andrew Grose, “Cuddy is a really funny guy.” Apparently he’s got some funny songs, […]

WEEKEND MUSIC PREVIEW: Herald the new season of CD releases!

You know the live music calendar is back in season when the CD release parties start happening again – that, plus legendary names in the Canadian musical world start travelling through the city, like Ian Tyson and Jim Cuddy. Friday Melanie Doane – With an 18 year career that includes six albums, one Juno award, […]

Jim Cuddy strikes the perfect balance between solo and Blue Rodeo

Jim Cuddy sure has a nice career going here. It figures, since he has such a reputation as “a nice guy,” never mind that time he got into an alleged hockey fight with Dave Bidini. That sort of thing just makes him more adorably Canadian. Cuddy can play theatres as a solo artist – as […]

CONCERTS AT THE JUBE: Jim Cuddy Jan. 13, Theory of a Deadman Jan. 27

Theory of a Deadman may have been lumped into the category of Bands That Sound Like Nickelback – which is so large it requires its own stack at the record store, or would if there were any record stores left – but at the rate these guys are going it won’t be long until Nickelback […]