Anderson to preview short ahead of Sundance premiere

Anderson to preview short ahead of Sundance premiere

Trevor Anderson’s return to the Sundance Film Festival will bring festival goers face to face with his short film The Little Deputy. The nine minute documentary/Western film focuses on Anderson’s quest to have his photo taken with his father. The photo, which hung in his family’s home as he grew up, was something that he […]

FILM REVIEW: Oscar shorts show brilliance in brevity, on screen at the Princess Theatre

It’s astonishing how much sentiment a few well-paced moments can command. For all the hype that surrounds the big-budget entries at the annual Hollywood love-in that is the Oscars, there’s something special about the nominations for shorts. Few of these cartoons and live-action films will ever get much attention, compared to their longer brethren – […]

FREE STUFF: Win entry to Oscar Shorts

When comedian Steven Wright won an Academy Award for best live action short in 1989, he gave the shortest speech in Oscar history: “I guess it’s a good thing we cut those extra twenty minutes. Thank you.” No, thank you, Steven, for shedding light on the often ignored but worthy craft of short filmmaking – […]