SANE CLOWN POSSE: Cirque star brings new act to children’s festival

Clowning has become very serious business – thanks to Cirque du Soleil, which in turn owes a debt of gratitude to people like Dimitri Bogatirev. This man is a true Clown. Bringing his travelling three-clown circus Aga-Boom to the International Children’s Festival, opening Tuesday at St. Albert Place, the Ukrainian-born performer is a first rate […]

O Sister, Where Art Thou? Anais Mitchell occupies Greek myth in Hadestown

Boy meets girl, girl gets bitten by a snake, dies and goes to hell, boy goes to rescue her, deals with the devil, but blows it at the end. The great thing about Greek mythology is that you don’t have to have studied Greek mythology to know the basics: Helen of Troy, the Trojan Horse, […]

PAINTING WITH WOOL: St. Albert textile artist has no time to make rug for the Queen

Imagine being textile artist whose rugs are in such great demand that you have to turn down the Queen of England. That was the situation that St. Albert’s Rachelle LeBlanc found herself in just a few weeks ago. A group in England asked for her help making a rug for the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Celebrities, […]

WEEKEND MUSIC PREVIEW: Foo for your love and beyond

The Halloween spirit has spooked the Gods into providing us with a legendary weekend of live music – anchored by the extraordinary Foo Fighters Friday and Sam Roberts on Saturday. There are plenty of other options for everyone, from Jessica Jalbert to Joan Jett and that’s just the J’s. Friday Foo Fighters – What can […]

HAPPY CANADA DAY – pick your celebration

When your entire town turns into one big party and choice paralysis turns to decision exhaustion, where do you turn for guidance? Right here, reader! It is our job as modern Internet journalists to be the proverbial “BS filters,” or to at least try to distil the vast clumps of Canada Day events happening throughout […]

International Children’s Festival serves up Grimm fare with the fun

In a time where every single thing that touches our children’s lives is sanitized and bubble-wrapped for their protection, it’s refreshing to find a piece of entertainment that doesn’t sugarcoat the story. Such rare wonders can be found the International Children’s Festival, simply the best entertainment bet for your dollar you’ll get all year. It’s […]

BLUES: Sonny, Bettye and more

1-2-3-4 “I love the woman/ but she got cancer from smokin’ cigarettes “I love the woman/ but she got cancer from smokin’ cigarettes Don’t remember the next line, But Sonny Rhodes is your best bet. Friends, there are times in all our lives when the blues come down like rain, when the devil’s at yo’ […]