Fringe festival to tee off on James Bond

Fringe festival to tee off on James Bond

And the Fringe theme of the year is … Bond, James Bond. Doesn’t “From Fringe With Love” open a whole can of fun and adorable worms – the classic Bond film from 1963, made at the height of the Cold War. Fringe themes rarely coincide with actual content of the plays – but the fact […]

Van Wilmott under no pressure to revive the past

Van Wilmott under no pressure to revive the past

An astounding thing is discovered in talking to Edmonton music guru Van Wilmott to mark his 20th year of producing musical theatre for the Mayfield Dinner Theatre – there isn’t a trace of his old band Grace Under Pressure on the Internet. No photos, no videos, no music, just a little entry in the Canadian […]

On thin ice: play looks at global warming

On thin ice: play looks at global warming

One of the most disturbing things about global warming is hearing people’s reactions on how it’s going to affect their “lifestyle.” Another example comes in a play called “6.0: How Heap and Pebble Took on the World and Won” – a funny yet poignant tale of champion figure skaters trying to stage a comeback in […]

REVIEW: Titanic, the musical, sinks

The Titanic will go on forever as a symbol of European industrial arrogance. It was – according to lyrics in a musical about the greatest nautical disaster in history – “the largest moving thing on Earth.” Its designer, owner and captain all thought it too big to sink, and thus deemed it unnecessary to provide […]

THEATRE: Yuppies with kids behave badly in God of Carnage

If life has taught us one thing, it is this: If you want to anger someone, all you have to do is accuse them of being passive-aggressive. Want to piss them off even further? Show them you can dish out the “passive-aggressive” label, but can’t take it. This sure-fire method will have you pushing the […]

REVIEW: David Mamet lays waste to liberal white guilt in Race

Race does matter – and it always will. Hence the title of David Mamet’s controversial legal drama, which makes its Canadian premiere in a Theatre Yes production at the Catalyst Theatre through March 11. Right off the top of “Race,” black lawyer Henry Brown asks and answers the question, “Does the black man hate white […]

Sam Shepard like a bad boyfriend in Fool for Love

Picture this: The play starts with May (Jamie Konchak) wrapping her arms around the legs of her rodeo cowboy-stuntman-estranged boyfriend Eddie (David MacInnis) to cling onto him, and – within minutes – she plants her knee square in his nuts to push him away. This opening seems to be the thesis statement of not only […]

REVIEW: Laughter flies in the face of damage in beautiful Moving Along

“Nobody appreciates damage … at the time.” These are the striking words that started the public’s introduction to Chris Craddock’s magnum opus Moving Along back at the 2001 Fringe Festival. The play has resonated with audiences ever since. Moving Along has been remounted seven times over the years – and here it is some 11 […]

THEATRE: Chris Craddock mines for laughs, tears in Moving Along

Chris Craddock knows he’s breaking a sacred “blood oath” in revealing the secret initiation he went through to become a life-long member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, the U of A fraternity that took all that bad press for its cruel hazing practices. “I’m not afraid,” declares the award-winning comic actor, who will detail his experience […]

REVIEW: Blind Date a good time with a ‘bad’ girl

So I go to the Citadel Theatre box office to pick up my reviewer’s ticket for Blind Date. The ladies give me my comp and slap a red wristband on me. “The hell?!” I exclaim. “Well, she pulls someone out of the audience and she doesn’t want to be picking media,” is their matter-of-fact answer. […]

Why are we here? Waiting for Godot aims to find out

There may be a reason it’s been 40 years since a professional theatre company has attempted to mount Waiting For Godot in Edmonton – this thing is a real bitch. The creative team from Wishbone Theatre is working hard to “find the truth” in Samuel Beckett’s absurdist masterpiece before opening night at the TransAlta Arts […]

THEATRE: Blind Date to break fourth wall in search of a good man

Hey guys: Imagine going on a date with a hot female clown who REALLY wants to get to know you – and an entire roomful of strangers gets to eavesdrop. It’s almost enough to make you want to give up hockey night in Canada, eh? Beginning previews on the Citadel’s Rice stage Saturday night, Blind […]

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