Top 5 Edmonton albums of 2012

5. Scenic Route To Alaska – All These Years

A saucy, southern folk rock album that’s easy to listen to from a band that’s been making a lot of waves in the local scene the last couple of years. The sheer beauty of this album is that it’s appropriate for almost any setting – a sad rainy day in May, a brilliant scorcher of a day in August, a cold frosty morning in late December.

4. Raygun Cowboys – Cowboy Up!

A fun, hyper-energetic rockabilly frenzy of an album. No surprise really, definitely a local favorite. The lead vocalist has this perfect drawl that brings out a southern feel to the band’s sound.

3. Wool On Wolves – Measures Of Progress

A sensitive, enduring weepfest that evolves into an incredible musical journey of folk rock tinged with southern overtones. Perhaps the most-hyped Edmonton release of the year, it more than matches anyone’s expectations.

2. Nuela Charles – Aware

Who would’ve believed one of the best albums in the city would be predominantly rooted in blues? Charles’ modernization of the genre, with a melodic and urban feel, also incorporates a bevy of other sound effects to craft a sweet, soulful album. Add in her incredible vocal talents, and you’ve got yourself the second best album in Edmonton.

1. Alice Kos – You Missed It All

And the women of Edmonton take the top spots of 2012! This debut album, released back in January, is a near-perfect collection. Her music is inescapably complex, bittersweet and catchy at the same time, with just enough experimentation to enrapture the listener. Her bevy of influences, from the end of a marriage to volunteering in Africa, is controlled and coalesced by Everett LaRoi, who recorded, mixed and produced the album, and who’s also been Alice’s guitar teacher since 2007. You can also catch the pair performing from time to time in Edmonton under the name Goldtop.

Nominations are now being taken for the 2013 Edmonton Music Awards