MUSIC PREVIEW: For the Birds

Birds of Chicago GigCity EdmontonEditor’s note: This is what happens when you get a theatre guy to do a music preview. Guest editor Trent Wilke has produced several plays in Edmonton, has written for CBC’s The Irrelevant Show and is co-founder of the Mostly Water theatre company. He also loves music.

Sit back kiddies, for here is a tale, a tale of a place known as Edmontown and yon minstrels frolicking therein, a tale as old as (four-four) time.

Thursday 29

Our story starts with a young man playing an old man’s game. Taylor Scott, a man with two first names, will blow your blues away with his roots revelry – and he’s only 21 years old! Blues on Whyte will be his lair for the night and each eve’ hence through Saturday. The Attorney General of Canada recommends you bring your dancing shoes and stop swearing so much. Show at 10 pm, cover charge Friday and Saturday.

Acoustic Bann

Friday 30

Point of fact, the Birds of Chicago (top picture) are not actually birds. They sing like birds. They play like they are in flight. But don’t let this fool you, for again, they are not birds. They are a band from – you guessed it – Chicago. Visit the Artery and hear for yourself. 8 pm, $10 advance, BUY

Hark! There are rumours around the mill that there is a new foundry in town that has some form or majestic lineage. Since there is very little milling done at the rumour mill it seems it would be safe to say that the Pawnshop is the harbour in which The Royal Foundry – the latest Minstrels of the Month on the Sonic wireless network – will find its stead. As well, Layten Kramer is there as are Trees are Tall. 8 pm, $10 advance, BUY

An old parchment on a tree reads that none other than Kenny Shields and Streetheart, author of Under My Thumb, or would be if the Rolling Stones hadn’t already written it, are playing Century Casino. Verily, this parchment does not lie to its readers. 8 pm, $60 advance, BUY

Saturday 31

Knock, knock. Who is there? Andy Shauf, Marnie Dreams and Tyler Butler. Andy Shauf, Marnie Dreams and Tyler Butler who? Andy Shauf, Marnie … and that’s enough of that. The Mercury Room will house these time-tested troubadours, never mind the joke – that’s who. 8 pm, $15 advance, BUY

Sunday February 1

From the East side as only the East side can, Brooklyn’s Jeru the Damaja will spit truth into your ear holes, with Roberto Demento and R Dot Woo to lay down rhymes that will scope the times and indubitably rock some minds. The Mercury Room will be their dime, so don’t you whine. 7 pm, $20 advance, BUY

Wednesday 4

Grizzled yet hale from days of yore, 38 Special know their way around a face-melting guitar solo, and will be playing the River Cree Casino showroom upon this very evening. There will be rock and undoubtedly roll. 9 pm, tickets from $25, BUY